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If you enjoy the podcast and would like to show your support, we’d really appreciate if you considered sending in a donation.


Producing the podcast isn’t free and we have to pay for bandwidth and storage to host the files. We also pay for all our own microphones and the rest of the technology we use to record and distribute the show.

We’ve been producing episodes of Static Noise since June of 2010. We love to talk about all the latest happenings from the Green Day world, and we’re happy to have those of you who love listening to the show. Knowing that our audience likes what we do and is interested in helping us continue is nice reinforcement and encouragement for us to keep going.

Of course, donating is only one way to help. We know not everyone has the means to give any financial support. We encourage anyone wanting to contribute to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook, sending in emails, or leaving a review on iTunes. Interaction with us goes a long way in helping to make the show more interesting and more fun for us.

Donate once via PayPal or Monthly Subscription via PayPal

We use PayPal to process payments and donations. You don’t need a PayPal account to help us out. Click the donate button above then press ‘Continue’ on the left under “Don’t have a PayPal account?” Using that will allow you to donate with just a regular debit/credit card. If you’d like to automatically donate $5 every month, use the Monthly Subscription button.

We really do appreciate all of you who contribute and listen to the show. Thanks for helping us produce this podcast and allowing us to have our own little slice of the internet to share with you.

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