94: Demolicious is out today!

Green Day’s newest release ‘Demolicious’ is out today, so hey, let’s talk about it. We give our first impressions of the album, our favorite songs, and our thoughts on State of Shock. We spent some time talking about the differences in sound between this and the final versions that made it on the trilogy.

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93: Jack hates everything

In this episode we talk about Demolicious, preview new songs from These Paper Bullets, and a new cover of Good Riddance.

We also want to know if you guys agree with anything Jack said.


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92: The Foxboro Hot Tubs in Austin, TX

The Foxboro Hot Tubs graced us with their precense once again, this time in Austin, TX – so we talk about the shows. We also talk a bit about These Paper Bullets and the new songs Billie Joe wrote for the production.

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90: What the hell is ‘Demolicious’?

In our shortest and most topical episode yet, we spend 30 minutes sharing everything we know about ‘Demolicious’ and speculate a bit about what the unreleased track will be.

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Here are the songs we played during the show:


State of Shock

Oh Girl


Leave a comment below with your thoughts on the show. What do you expect to come from “Demolicious”?

89: Let’s not make this episode about Green Day’s hair

This week on Static Noise we talk about Green Day getting ready for Australia shows later this week. Liam is attending the first show, so we have that to look forward to next episode.

Billie Joe was interviewed in Rolling Stone about Dookie’s 20th Anniversary, so we talk a little about that, and Adeline Records is releasing two Green Day vinyl.

Intermission music: “She” on Ukelele by Matthew Barnard (I think, I couldn’t find the original email he sent us).

As part of our “Get to know the hosts”, we share our favorite shows growing up. Andres is apparently 50 years old.

We talk a little about Billie Joe turning 42, a conversation that quickly devolves into “does he look younger” and “what’s your favorite hair style”. It’s pathetic.

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Question For Listeners: “What do you think Green Day will do after Australia”

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Episode 88: Dookie’s 20th Anniversary

This week we talk about Billie Joe performing on the Grammy’s, Tre’s new signature drum kit, Billie Joe’s new signature guitar, and of course, Dookie’s 20th Anniversary.

This week’s hosts are: Andres, Matt, Jack and Jimmy.

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Episode 87: Let’s talk some shit

Happy New Year! On this episode of Static Noise, Matt, Jimmy, Jack, and Tony talk about Phil Everly’s passing, Billy Joe Armstrong’s appearance on SNL, and Tre’s new alliance with SJC Custom Drums. Also, we speculate on Mike’s potentially cryptic Instagram post. Plus, we share our wants/needs/opinions on the next Green Day album.

New segment: Get to know your GDA member! We talk about each other’s other music tastes. Artists include Taylor Swift, The 1975, and Muse.

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Episode 86: There’s No Return

After a very very long time away, we’ve decided to bring back the Static Noise Podcast, a show where some of the GDA team gets together to talk about all the latest stuff going on in the Green Day community.

This week’s hosts are: Andres, Mikey, Matt, Jimmy, Tony, Jack, and Liam. We talk about “Foreverly” and speculate what Green Day will be doing next year following the Australian tour, and whether or not they’ll do anything for the 20th and 10th anniversaries of Dookie and American Idiot.

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Duration: 1hr 36mins
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