89: Let’s not make this episode about Green Day’s hair

This week on Static Noise we talk about Green Day getting ready for Australia shows later this week. Liam is attending the first show, so we have that to look forward to next episode.

Billie Joe was interviewed in Rolling Stone about Dookie’s 20th Anniversary, so we talk a little about that, and Adeline Records is releasing two Green Day vinyl.

Intermission music: “She” on Ukelele by Matthew Barnard (I think, I couldn’t find the original email he sent us).

As part of our “Get to know the hosts”, we share our favorite shows growing up. Andres is apparently 50 years old.

We talk a little about Billie Joe turning 42, a conversation that quickly devolves into “does he look younger” and “what’s your favorite hair style”. It’s pathetic.

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Question For Listeners: “What do you think Green Day will do after Australia”

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